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Bankruptcy - There are alternatives available for ...
Bad Credit Loans With Norton Finance right across ...
Debt Consolidation, Debt Relief, Debt Assistance, ...
Wizard personal loans, debt consolidation, holiday...
Cheap secured and unsecured loans, best loan provi...
Bad Credit - Bad Credit and Information
National Australia Bank - Debt consolidation
Australian Debt Reduction -- Assisting Australians...
MyCreditRating -- how to get the banks to say yes

Bankruptcy - There are alternatives available for Australians

Bankruptcy - There are alternatives available for Australians: "Do I Need to Become Bankrupt?
With creditors pressing you for payment, bankruptcy may seem attractive, however it should be avoided if at all possible. Once bankrupt it is difficult and expensive to undo if you change your mind.
Before going bankrupt it is important to consider first speaking with Fox Symes & Associates to see if there may be other options available to you.
If you would like one of our staff to contact you to discuss bankruptcy or for guidance about alternatives to bankruptcy please fill in our short contact form.
How do I become Bankrupt?
You can become bankrupt voluntarily or you can become bankrupt on the actions of a creditor. Once you have spoken with Fox Symes & Associates and after reviewing your options you have decided that voluntary bankruptcy is your best option, Fox Symes & Associates will assist you in taking the necessary steps to become bankrupt.
Is there a minimum amount I need to owe before I can go Bankrupt?
No. You can become bankrupt voluntarily owing any amount. A creditor cannot make you bankrupt unless the debt is $2,000 or more.
Who would handle my Bankruptcy?
ITSA will administer your estate if no registered trustee has provided a consent to act.
How long would I be Bankrupt?
The period of a bankruptcy is 3 years from the date a statement of affairs is filed. This period may be extended by an objection entered by the trustee.
What objections will extend my Bankruptcy?
To 5 years if a bankrupt:
fails to disclose all debts and creditors
fails to disclose any beneficial interest in any property
fails to attend an interview or examination
fails to notify a change of address
fails to attend a creditors' meeting
continues to manage a corporation
engages in misleading conduct"
Bankruptcy - There are alternatives available for Australians - Saturday, April 16, 2005 -

Bad Credit Loans With Norton Finance right across the UK

Bad Credit Loans With Norton Finance right across the UK:

"BAD CREDIT LOANS... Looking for a Loan? Bad Credit is NO Problem! We can help you get the loan you need. Solve your debt problems with a quick and straight forward loan from Norton Finance. So if you have had problems with CCJ's or fallen behind on repayments apply today and Norton Finance will help you get back on track."
Bad Credit Loans With Norton Finance right across the UK - -


Credit Reports

Get an instant credit report and see your credit score rating!

A credit score is a single number, based on an analysis of information
contained in a credit report, that provides an indication of how likely a
person is to repay his or her debts.

It is based on several types of information, including payment history, amount
of debt owed, and types of credit used.

Credit scores, and the credit reports on which they are based, increasingly
influence consumer access to credit, housing, insurance, basic utility services,
and even employment.

FICO credit scores, which are customized for each of the three major credit
bureaus as well as for lender, generally range between 400 and 850, with
680 or above considered a 'prime' or 'very good' borrower.

Global Direct Services provides access to free information about Credit
Credit_Reports - -

Debt Consolidation, Debt Relief, Debt Assistance, Bankruptcy Assistance, Australia

Debt Consolidation will Lower your repayments, Reduce Interest and Eliminate Debt Fast.
Debt Consolidation even if you have a Bad Credit History
Debt Consolidation of Personal Loans, Credit and Store Cards, Utilities Bills and Personal Debts will Lower repayments and Save You Thousands of Dollars in Interest Payments.
Debt Consolidation will Eliminate Debt Quickly and Safely so you can enjoy the experience of Debt Free Living.
Debt Consolidation will help you:
Lower your monthly repayments.
Save thousands of $ $ $ on interest payments.
Become debt free quickly and safely.
Even if you have been refused a Consolidation or Personal Loan to get all your debts into one easy repayment, there are alternatives.
Free Debt Consolidation Assessment! Click Here
Debt Consolidation and Debt Relief
Debt consolidation is the replacement of multiple loans and debts such as credit cards, store cards, interest free loans and personal loans with a single loan.
The benefit of debt consolidation is that you only have to make a single repayment instead of making multiple repayments each month.
Debt Consolidation will give debt relief by lowering your repayments, reducing interest and eliminating debt faster.

How a Debt Consolidation Personal Loan Works
For example you may currently have personal loans, credit cards and store cards with outstanding balances totalling $10,000 and a minimum repayment for these debts of $380 per month.
By consolidating all these debts into a single loan, the amount you have to repay could be reduced to less than $195 per month.
This can provide debt relief and help you to manage your finances more effectively.
Debt Consolidation, Debt Relief, Debt Assistance, Bankruptcy Assistance, Australia - -

Wizard personal loans, debt consolidation, holiday

A personal loan from one of our lenders is a quick and easy way to obtain finance. Whether you're in the market for a well-earned break, or you're just looking for a hand to help tie up those loose ends, Wizard would like to help.
Some of the purposes our lenders will loan money for include:
home renovations
wedding expenses
education expenses
lifestyle changes
The minimum amount for a personal loan is $7,000. If you are looking for an amount less than this, then perhaps you might like to apply for a Wizard Fast Card credit card.
If you are considering a personal loan to purchase a motor vehicle, a car loan is more suitable.
You will be asked to show that you have the capacity to repay the loan from your existing income.
Wizard personal loans, debt consolidation, holiday - Thursday, April 14, 2005 -

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